Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Let me by your...

Let me be your dance partner,
We'll dance,
The Tango, Two Step and Bhangra too.

Let me be your personal chef,
I'll cook you wondrous meals,
French, Italian, Chinese and Indian too.

Let me be your sugar daddy,
I'll buy you the best dresses,
Gowns, Mini's and Saris too.

Let me be your hearts general,
I'll show you wonders of the world,
The Pyramids, the Taj Mahal And Transporter Bridge too.

Let me be your hearts Admiral,
We'll watch the sun set,
Sailing down the Nile, Jhellum and Tees too.

Let me be your companion,
Hand in hand we'll stroll through,
The Alp's, the Grand Canyon and Roseberry topping too.

Let me be your protector,
I am master of all the martial arts,
Judo, karate, Kung Fu and
Middlesbrough's Ekey Thump too.

Let me be your Guru,
I will teach you the secrets,
Of the mystic East, West and in between too.

Let me be your one and true love,
And I promise you'll never again,
Hear the cursed words, "Not tonight Josephine!"


Read his tribute to Fred Truman on Tuche and Automaton


KL said...

Wow! Hey Mandy, thanks for visiting my blog. World is definitely becoming smaller day by day and thus we Meanderers meet :):). That's a very nice and interesting poem. Never heard about the poet before. Is he someone famous in the UK? So, you are also a cricket fan :)?

KL said...

Need to come and read your blog later. A nice blog. :)

Plus Ultra said...

So gkad I stumble on your blog, enjoyed the photos and the verses, have a good day and a sabbath!

Irredento Urbanita said...

people that write poems has a special sensibility, we are made of other material, we have some kinf of star dust, different to the rest of the humans.

Thanx for your visit.

Greetings from PerĂș