Saturday, August 29, 2009


I posted this piece of flash-fiction to the blog "Taking the Broom" on 31st August 2006. When I recently checked the link to it, the site was dead. Fortunately good old google dished up a cached copy of the page and so I was able to retrieve my text.


It was a clear, calm day.

Nadia laughed as the warm, smooth hand loosely caressed her ankle. There was peace inside the cottage. A pussy purred contentedly in the sun, murmuring as though there were ten thousand souls in heavenly joy.

The window creaked open and Jason was startled at the forceful beat of a butterfly, as it fluttered in a gentle breeze. He could hear the sound of grasshoppers, and caught site of an oystercatcher in the field where the sheep were.

He was awakened by the ceaseless drip, drip, drip of what he at first thought to be red wine, but turned out to be his blood. Nadia lent across and it was warm and wet, and she laughed as he realised that the moggy was there in bed with them. Her spine thrilled deliciously at the thought of licking the cat's scratchings. His flesh crawled as hands and paws and lips probed. He felt his consciousness ebb away, like grains of sand in an hourglass. He purred in joy as outside the birds sang and the sheep baa'd. Nadia's tongue penetrated deeper into his ear. He was certain it was on a direct course for his brain!

© 2006, Mandy Smith

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Grump said...

What a strange story. I was mesmerised by the words, but then it would be the sheep baa'd which sounded incongruous.