Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Marlene Mountain: 18 recent links

There is a lot of mis-information on the internet and elsewhere about haiku. Some people have got the idea into their heads that haiku is simply a poem of 17-syllables. Some of the many pieces being penned in this way are very amusing, some are excellent short poems; but their authors are deluded if they think they are doing haiku. Traditionally haiku were written in one-line and Marlene Mountain has been writing one-line haiku since the late 1960s and exclusively since the early 1980s.

Of these 18 recent links she writes:
'recent links' are my haiku links extracted from 'one-line linked haiku'pieces written with a writing pal. i arrange the extracted haikulinks in a long/short pattern.

Marlene Mountain: 18 recent links

leaves full of heat with only out and down to go

almost homeless drought-filled tadpoles

assorted feelings a bit of rain on the backhoe

so far so dead the woodpecker pine

bunches & bunches of the displaced healing garden

the crow wind of its wings

into my worries other shocked strangers with theirs

whose feet to the water and who will hold them

evacuees a cleaned-up term for american refugees

2000th soldier falls in oil country for dubya

'the first lady' defends the boss the night gets longer

forever in iraq big bases big airstrips big money

needle them out the 'good old boys' who never were

hardly safe government-loved troops

his lawyer talks down to my sharp left lobe

beneath road dust lavender of an aster

a deeper wetland for birds will they come flu-bitten

pretty much satisfied in earth

Marlene Mountain


Alan Summers said...


Really great to see Marlene's work getting around. She is one of the most important contemporary Western haiku poets today in my opinion; as well as a very coherent commentator on social and political issues, whether as a poet or any other kind of a writer.

Marlene Mountain's Website

Little Onion said...

hi mandy - glad you found marlene!

i've had the pleasure of working with and publishing marlene over the last few years here's a link to the 'God Connection' - marlene and co-writers have published a series of 'connections' in marlene's World Haiku Review marlene mountain Section... this connection was even too much for WHR so was published at haikumania with a link to it from WHR...