Saturday, April 01, 2006

Solar eclipse

Photograph: ©2006 costeira1

Last week's solar eclipse somewhat escaped me. I'd heard that channel 5 was going to be broadcasting live pictures in the morning. I made a mental note to watch, but it was a dull day here and the middle of the afternoon before I remembered.

This photograph by Alexandre Amorim is of the eclipse as seen on Ponta Negra's Beach, Natal, Brazil, at 08:35 UT, using a 7x50 binoculars and digital camera Sony S40, ISO80, f/5.1, 1-sec exposure.

Many photos can be seen on the Solar Eclipse Gallery, some by amateurs and some by serious astronomers. One of my favourites though is the one by Joe on the Rome Daily Photoblog.

Some friends of mine have gone on holiday to Turkey especially to witness the eclipse, but they haven't returned yet!

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