Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Photographs of Greenland

These three pictures are by Jens-Jørgen Kjærgaard and are posted here with his permission. They are from a unique slide-show of photographs taken during a journey from Uummannaq-Ilulissat, April 25th 2006.

The full show can be found on the Greenland by JJK website, which also has a webcam, local weather details and other information.

Another set of Greenland pictures, I've been looking at, are the 27 photographs of Qaqortoq by Gerald England from his visit on July 11th 2005.


Little Onion said...

flaming june
even Iceland runs out
of lollies

What great pictures - the coloured houses bring to mind a memory i have of looking up from a ferry in Bristol Docks up to rows of brightly coloured houses.

(Iceland is a big frozen food store here in the UK)


Cocaine Jesus said...

looks bloody taters to me but very beautiful too.

fin said...

I want to go there someday.