Friday, November 06, 2009

Mandy remembered

Mandy is going into a hospice and will not be returning.

Her intention was to delete this blog but, urged not to do so, has asked me to take it over and keep the contents online.

I have been asked to say that she does not want anyone to mourn for her but thanks those who have made contact with her over recent years.

Several bloggers have left messages on their blogs:

Kris at Little Town in Hungary.

Tara Bradford at Paris Parfait.

Annie at In My Dreams.

Beatrice at Autumn

Rachel Green at Autumn

Diana at Autumn

Ashi at Ashi Words

Qualcosa di Bello at Piacere

Gerald at Ackworth born, gone West

John at Autumn


Anonymous said...

You might want to see if you can get the blog archived on The Internet Archive.

Wishing Mandy peace.

Stay inspired!

paris parfait said...

Michelle has a good idea about the blog being archived. I think Mandy's blog being maintained is a wonderful thing, allowing new readers to discover Mandy's beautiful poetry and bright spirit.

spacedlaw said...

So sad, still...

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Ah Mandy you did such splendid work for me as a reviewer for NHI and I know you were always a very private person underneath.

Thanks for everything.

lissa said...

sad to hear but I hope she does suffer much and yes the archive idea is perfect to keep Mandy's words around for new readers

Annie said...

Rest well.

Beatrice V said...

Hearfelt blessings and prayers for Mandy from everyone at the seasonal haiku blogs, I have posted a notice on our current season ( links to Mandy's Meanderings.
Many blessings and gratitude to Mandy for her contribution to our team haiku blogs.
Beatrice V

John McDonald said...

may I second Beatrice's sentiments:
peaceful journeying Mandy

kris said...

wishing you peace.

Lori said...

I very much enjoyed our collaborations over the years. Mandy, it has always been a pleasure to work with you. I wish you peace and comfort. God bless you. Thanks for the words you shared with us.

Ashi said...

I'm not that familiar with all your work, but as I scroll down the page, I noticed your "Autumn rain" first published at "Falling Leaves" which is where I remembered it from.

autumn rain
time to be moving on
down the road

you wrote
I couldn't help to see, maybe looking back, the reference to the situation right now.

'time to move on'
the circumstances are not always up to us, when to move, what we can do is, how we move on.
May your move be of grace and dignity.

towards winter path
leaving behind - words


...mmm... said...

I don't know her but just read of her. she is in my prayers. How old/young roughly is she then?

Grump said...

Best of luck in your new home. I hope you are fed well and looked after. A very dear friend of mine has been in a very lovely hospice for a number of years.
Take care.
Mark x

gautami tripathy said...

Much peace to you Mandy..

JanePoet ~ JP/deb said...

So many beautiful tributes. I'm happy that this blog will remain so that a life and talent can be honored and remembered!

David Smith said...


I have to tell you all that my mother passed away quietly two days ago.

I am touched by all your comments as this was a side of my mother that was unknown to me until very recently.

I am pleased that she had this contact with the outside world in her latter years.


David Smith.

Alan Summers said...

Thank you Mandy for being such a presence. We will miss you.


Dorothy said...

There are no words just prayers, and blessings..

Dorothy from grammology

Deslilas said...

This blog was so fresh and original, I thought it was written by a vrey young lady.
in fact, Mandy was and will be always a young Lady.
Thanks for everything you brought to us.

KL said...

I am sorry to hear about Mandy. It is so strange and you know why. It is because when I first started writing blogs in 2005, Mandy was one of the people who used to leave comments for my blogs. I then left the blog world, didn't update any of the blogs and put blocks on those blogs. Then, I have again returned to the blog-world recently after a hiatus of about 5 years and behold, I get a comment from you who is linked to my same Mandy but now Mandy is ill. Life is very very strange and unique and this world is very small.