Thursday, November 05, 2009

More for Mandy

Mandy has just forwarded me this email and asked me publish an edited version along with these two images:
Dear Mandy,

You are an extraordinary woman and I cannot express how much I love you as a friend. I am working to finish five new pages for the Astropetry 2009 project, and one of them will be Galilean Poetry (including your Galileo Wordle). I send you in advance the trophy of the event (with your name written on it). My only power is to think of you with love. Be strong and be blessed.
With all my best wishes,

Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

Mandy is touched by everyone's affection but will not be replying personally to anyone. I am honoured that she has allowed me to keep her blog online.


Beatrice V said...

Zyzzyz: Quite a few people, at, have dedicated poems to Mandy. You are welcome to paste them on this blog, or add a link to them. However, it would be best if I can email the links to you, so they are added on the main page, and not on comments.
Another option: keep one page exclusively (link on main page) for personal tributes, poems, messages, etc... Only, you would need to keep adding them to the same page. Best wishes, Beatrice

Anonymous said...

i never really got to know you as a real person.. as things move too fast around here. but i do remember your wicked sense of humor and i am glad the blog will live on .. for a time. ~ tasha klein